Our Clients Worldwide

Client List

MaplePDF Pro and MaplePDF Pro Plus are currently used by thousands of enterprise customers worldwide. Our company has rich experience in establishing partnership with, and providing support service to entities and organizations ranging from 10 to 20,000 users in size.

Below is an incomplete list of the thousands of companies, government, non-profit organizations that benefits from our paid products,

ABB AG (100,000 users)
Ford Motor (90,000 users)
IBM System & Technology Group (10,000 users)
Airline France (15,000 users)
Italian Bank (24,000 users)
KPMG AP (8,000 users)
P&G UK (2,000 users)
NATO (3,000 users)
HP TSG (6,000 users)
United Nations (9,000 users)
Airbus Industries Corporation (7,000 users)
BOSCHE Wiegetechnik J. Bosche GmbH (3,500 users)
Allgemeines Rechenzentrum GmbH (6,000 users)
Citibank (China) Co., Ltd. (1,000 users)
DaimlerChrysler AG (5,000 users)
American International Group (3,000 users)
LG Electronics (10,000 users)
American International Travel Ltd (2,000 users)
Bayer CropScience (1,000 users)
BearingPoint Consulting Service (2,500 users)
Boeing Company (22,000 users)
Boxon AB
Bureau Veritas
Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation
Canon UK Ltd
Capio Diagnostik AS
Carrier Air Conditioning
Centior BV
Cerealia Järna AB
Deutsche Post Euro Express
DeVita & Associates, Inc
DigiComp AG
Digital Facilities Corporation
Dolphin Telecom (Deutschland) GmbH
DrugMax, Inc
EMC HongKong Ltd
EB Consultants Ltd
Encos Global Systems
Ergo Computing UK Ltd
Euro-Inkasso Muenchen GmbH & Co
Ferrero USA, Inc
FEV Motorentechnik GmbH
Flexben Corporation
General Motors China Ltd
Geographic Publishing Co., Ltd
Groupe Conseil Cogismaq
HAWA, Incorporated
Hayssen Inc
Hong Kong Disneyland
Hyatt Austin
Hydra-Electric Company
IBM Austin Research Lab
IKEA Belgium sa/nv
IPP Telecom Group, Inc
Informatique Médatek Inc
Insurance Alliance
ISOIL Industria SpA
Jacobs Engineering
Jones & Jones Engineering Design
Karl Knauer GmbH
Kummler + Matter AG
La Termoplastic FBM Srl
Lee Hecht Harrison France
Lipman, Katz & McKee
Medical Office Online
Metropolitan Life Insurance
MindShare Australia Pty Ltd
Mitsubishi Corporation
Morgan Stanley Real Estate
NACO Netherlands Airport Consultants BV
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Jet Systems Pty
New York City Dept of Education
Navy Air Warfare Weapons Division
Notariskantoor van der Deijl
Novar GmbH
Ohio Casualty Insurance Company
Oregon Dept of Consumer & Business Services
Otto Versand
Optical Society of Canada
Parker Hannifin AB
Pension Strategies LLC
Philips Engineering Lab
Philips Software Centre Pvt Ltd
Playboy Enterprises, Inc
Qualifacts Systems
Raymond Brown Construction Limited
Rentsch AG
Rijkdienst voor Pensionen
Rotarex SA
SAP (Schweiz) AG
Siemens AG
SKK Systemy Kodow Kreskowych
Sony Electronics SD
The Murphy Insurance Group
Thomson Licensing Inc
Time Warner Cable
Toyota AG
Transport America
Tyco Flow Control Pumping & Irrigation Systems
US Air Force
University of Rochester
US Department of Energy
Vestergaard Frandsen A/S
Volvo AG
Watsons Pty Ltd
Wisconsin Public Service
Xerox UK