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MaplePDF Pro & MaplePDF Pro Plus

We are proud of our products and our clients. See the testimonials of the following shortlisted clients.

Does everything I need to convert a file to PDF - Awesome!
Easy install. Select from printer list and save your doc in PDF format. PDF file then opens in Acrobat Reader. You can add more docs to an existing PDF. No problems on my Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11 workstations and laptops.

Tidy, neat, and easy - Kumar
It is a very good program, absolutely free and without tricky. When you've installed it you can convert any document to PDF only selecting the MaplePDF printer and pushing Print, it's easy and fast!"

30-day money back guarantee as promised! - AAA Reviewer
Easy to install, works exactly as promised, but my boss needs to go out and pay $200 for Adobe Acrobat. Therefore, I request a full refund on the 27th day, and the money does return to my business card in full.

You can't go wrong with MaplePDF Pro! - F. Williams
It's paid software, extremely easy to setup and use. I've been using this app for over six days... and haven't encountered a single problem with it.

The Pro version produce searchable documents! - Johnnie
Installs cleanly, unlike other tools. Produces much smaller PDF files than its peers.

Performs as advertised - Geeks!
Simple to use, with intuitive options, this program is great to generate PDFs. Works with my Windows 8. I have used the password protection feature, and it's great!

Wonderful program! - John Bagley
This program quickly converts any file into PDF without a glitch. It's fast and efficient. What a great find!

Upgrade from Pro to Pro Plus - Linda K
MaplePDF Pro Plus is AWESOME! I can now edit text and images in PDF files without converting them to Word docs.